Bringing Back the Swinging Sixties

As the somewhat damp and chilly weather sets in, we are all reminded of the season that's drawing near. Although if you are just like us, we're sure that it doesn't take damp weather or Christmas decorations to get you planning your outfits for the season. Still, we know what a mighty task that can be, and so we decided to share some of our insight to help you with upgrading your wardrobe in time for the season.

To start off it's time we kept you informed that this Christmas we're bringing back the swinging sixties and for those of you who aren't really aware of exactly what went down during that time (fashionwise), we have three words for you; “Breakfast at Tiffany's”! But, just in case that didn't really clear things up for you, here's a little insight to the sixties.

The sixties was a lively period- probably one of the best eras in fashion, a smorgasbord if you may. The early sixties stole most of the trends from the late fifties with maybe more bolder prints and patterns, however as the early sixties wore on and come the mid-sixties, American and European fashion took on a more modernized yet polished upper class look, as designers were inspired by the high street styles of London and so designed garments which were more sleek and form fitting; similar to the outfits worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Hairstyles were more polished and stylish- big hair was slowly becoming popular while gloves were almost a “must”.

However as the sixties was coming to its end, the fashion world took on a whole new turn as it embraced the idea of flared pants (which was later modified into bell bottoms in the seventies), and women started dressing less feminine and adorned more masculine looking outfits. Bold prints and bright colours however still stuck around, but nude tones and laid back looks were also finally making their way into the glamour driven era of fashion. Still however, the more polished society kept to the high hemlines and bright hues of the early sixties, with the dismissal of what used to be “proper” social norms. All in all the sixties was wholly about expressing yourself, strutting your stuff and standing out, and that is probably why it's considered one of the greatest eras in fashion.

Seeing as the sixties were a great time for fashion to bloom, it's perfectly understood why prominent designers chose to resurrect these trends for Christmas 2014. You've probably already noticed the bright colours and bold prints that adorn the mannequins at the shop windows; but just in case you've been living under a rock or tied down with work and haven't had a chance to look around, here are a few tips on what this year's Christmas trends are all about.

Trapeze Dresses and High hemlines:


The sixties was a period where women weren't afraid to strut their stuff and show some skin. As the standards and “proper” social norms were gradually fading, women became more engaged with showing off their legs and dressing more freely, hence the popularity of high hemlines during that time. Dresses were more free and box-like to enable more movement, while the hemline was nearly 2-3 inches above the knees. The modern era blends these two trends with our love of pastel shades and metallic textures to give it a more shiny or polished look. look for : flared miniskirts, flared shorts, short flared (trapeze) dresses in light pastel hues.

Vintage and Bold Prints:


Like we said before, the sixties was all about expressing yourself, and it was reflected even in their attire. The runways of 2014 saw designers blend these vintage prints which included colourful geometric shapes, colourful floral patterns, abstract patterns etc. with more soft and feeling comfortable look for: slightly transparent tops with bold prints, flimsy dresses with colourful abstract prints, silk dresses with bold/psychedelic prints.

Optical Monochrome:


Speaking of bold prints, nothing says bold like optical monochrome prints. Taking figure flattering to the next level, black and white has made a bold new comeback, with these strong new optical illusion prints. While the colours themselves are flattering on anyone, the formation of the optical illusion tends to give the wearer a more accentuated figure. Spiral effects, wagon wheel effects, hypnotic effects etc. done in monochrome make a bold statement while giving you a slimmer look.look for: optical monochrome maxi dresses, uneven length tops/shirts, flared pants, maxi skirts.

Animal Embroideries:

While we must admit this isn’t so much a trend from the sixties, the bold colours used in most of these representations is sixties inspired. While birds somehow take prominence in this new trend, the entire garment is a singular statement, where a boldly coloured animal embroidery or print is laid on a single coloured garment to make it stand out.

Ideal for those casual lunches or coffee sessions with friends where you want to make a statement but not look overdressed.look for: t-shirts, cropped tops, midi-dresses in mild tones with bold animal embroideries.

Gold Rush:

Trending with the season and the festive lights, gold is back to take the spotlight in the colour department. Taking a page off the sixties habit of dressing flashy, here’s a way to make a statement; say it with gold. Blended with a trickle of black or dark hues, Gold prints and plain coloured garments are a big hit this season. It’s perfect for those fancy Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties that await you.look for: Gold coloured prints, plain gold dresses or tops, embroidered gold threadwork and Gold colour mini skirts and shorts.

Update your wardrobe with a few of these new fancy trends and you are set for the season. But do remember that there is always something called overdoing it, so make sure that you pair these bold new outfits with subtle makeup and minimum jewellery.